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Heimatmuseum Heiligenhafen

The town of Heiligenhafen on the German Baltic seaboard. The museum, situated next to the town church, contains many exhibits of particular interest to readers of Storm's works. The setting for his Novelle Hans and Heinz Kirch (1882) the museum presents the town's seafaring and local history through photographs and artifacts. Storm visited the town in 1881 and learned the story of a local ship-owner Johann Brandt and the bitter conflict with his son Christian and its tragic consequences; a story which Storm immediately adopted for his Novelle. The town church, with its  Shipmaster's Gallery, features largely in the story together with descriptions of the town and its harbour.

Postal Address:
Heimatmuseum Heiligenhafen
Thulboden 11a
23774 Heiligenhafen

Tel/Fax: (49) (0) 4362 3876

North Frisian Institute (Nordfriisk Instituut)

The Nordfriisk Instituut, established in Bredstedt in 1965, is the central scientific institution in North Friesland for the preservation and promotion of and research on the Frisian language, culture and history. It is the central meeting point for all those who are interested in North Frisian topics, organising publications, lectures, courses and seminars. The institute is scientifically active specifically in the fields of language research, history and national geography, and runs a professional library of some 15,000 volumes and a records office of historical documents; an invaluable resource for students, translators, and researchers of North Frisian literature.  Its staff are more than willing to provide information on all aspects of the region's history and culture. Members receive a quarterly journal Nordfriesland.  Its web site provides a link to detailed information about the Institute in English plus many links to places of interest within North Friesland.

Postal Address:
Süderstraße 30
D-25821 Bräist/Bredstedt
Nordfriesland. Germany.
Tel: (49) (0)4671 2081
Fax: (49) (0)4671 1333

Internet (English):

Husum Today

The Husum town web site provides an extensive introduction to the town of Theodor Storm's birth as it is today, with its colourful market square, patrician houses and harbour. Numerous photographs, plus 360 degree rotating views, of the town illustrate the author's birthplace and present-day environment. For German readers there is a rich abundance of text about the town and its activities today. A site well worth a visit for German and non-German readers alike.


North Frisian Museum, Husum (Ludwig-Nissen-Haus)

The Ludwig-Nissen-Haus museum, founded in 1924 is the central museum for the district of North Friesland and the town of Husum presenting the history of the town and its environs. Of especial interest to lovers of Theodor Storm are the museum's exhibits on the history of dyke building, the North Sea tidal flats (Wattenmeer) with its islands and Halligen, the polder (fenland) and the marsh. Its fine collection and presentation of historical maps and photos, traditional costumes of the islands and mainland, and numerous artefacts within the former homes of the region's inhabitants are second to none. The region's art, past and present, is also on display together with a section devoted to the emigration period during the 19th  century. An essential point of call for any student of the literature of the region.

Postal address:
Nordfriesisches Museum
Herzog-Adolf-Straße 25
25818 Husum, Germany.

Tel: (49) (0)4841 2545
Fax: (49) (0)4841 63280

e-mail: see website

Internet:  (with links to other societies, museums and towns) (Seafaring Museum. North Friesland)


Literaturmuseum 'Theodor Storm'.

Located in the beautifully situated town of Heiligenstadt, near Göttingen, the 'Mainzer Haus' museum contains documents and literature on the life and works of Theodor Storm. As Kreisrichter (Stipendiary Magistrate) he was resident in the town from 1856 to 1864 during his exile from Husum. The museum's many interesting exhibits includes one devoted to the author's popular Novelle Pole Poppenspäler (1874) that was set partially in the town: famous scenes from the Novelle include the town's former prison and the St. Aegidien church. The museum also includes a reference library of 19th century literature. A fine life-size bronze figure of Storm is to be found outside the museum's entrance.

Postal address:
Literaturmuseum 'Theodor Storm'
Am Berge 2
37308 Heilbad Heiligenstadt

Tel/Fax: (0049) (0)3606 613794


Kiel Museum

The Schleswig-Holstein Open Air Museum (Schleswig-Holsteinisches Freilichtmuseum)

An impressive array old and historic farmsteads, cottages, windmills and workshops from many parts of Schleswig-Holstein are here on open display from April to October and on Sundays and holidays November to March. It is one of the largest open air museums in the country, some 6 kilometres from Kiel, offering a wealth of information on all aspects of 19th century, and earlier, rural architecture and history. For students of 19th German literature, visits to the interiors of these fine houses and cottages give a real insight into the lives and culture within the settings of many of literary works. The museum will be of particular interest to students of the works of Theodor Storm in whose Novellen many of the exteriors and interiors of such buildings are described.. The museum's web site offers links to some 20 other museums in the region.

Postal address:
Schleswig-Holsteinisches Freilichtmuseum e.V.
Hamburger Landstraße 97
24 113 Molfsee
Kiel, Germany

Tel: (49) (0)431 659 660
Fax: (49) (0)431 659 6625

(see also web site for North Frisian Museum below)

Grant and Cutler, London

Grant & Cutler, founded in 1936, is today the UK's largest foreign language bookseller offering over a 100,000 titles in over 200 languages. Centrally located in the heart of London's West End, the bookstore is only a few minutes walk from Oxford Circus tube station. It has an extensive range of German titles which include literary texts, literary criticism, popular fiction, translations, history, politics, aspects of Germany, reference works, German films subtitled in English, children's books and electronic dictionaries on CD-ROM. Texts and reference works on Theodor Storm are also available including Margaret Mare's privately printed biography of the author (see Bibliographies: Publications in English).

Postal address:
55-57 Great Marlborough Street,
London W1F 7AY

Telephone: (44) 020 7734 2012
Fax: (44) 020 7734 9272

Storm texts in German

The Project Gutenberg Web Site

The site's 'Theodor Storm' page ( offers the complete German texts of most of Storm's works for downloading and use. Set up in 1971 at the University of Illinois, the Project Gutenberg makes information, books and other materials from around the world available to the general public in forms which a vast majority of the computers, programs and people can easily read, use, quote and search. Its homepage ( provides excellent search facilities to locate the work(s) of any other specific author of interest.


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